January 16, 2016
"Temporary pacemaker wires are placed in the majority of patients after cardiac surgery. There is no information on mechanical factors related to wire removal. Clinical information related to temporary wire use and removal was prospectively collected from a large cardiac surgical unit over one year. Measurements of maximal tension that nurses and doctors would apply to remove temporary wires was determined using a hand-held portable scale. In a prospective trial, patients (n = 41) had their wires extracted in series to the portable scale to determine the maximal tension required for safe removal."
December 24, 2015
"A tension-limiting temporary epicardial pacing wire extraction system provides an alternative to current temporary epicardial pacing wire extraction methods in order to reduce the risk of severe complications that may result from variable and excessive tension being applied to the wire during manual extraction. The epicardial pacing wire extraction system includes a housing that houses a motor, a handle for holding the device, a cartridge containing a spool driven by the motor through a coupling for extracting an epicardial pacing wire from a patient, a start/stop button to operate the motor to drive the spool and a cartridge-release mechanism that selectively releases the cartridge from the housing."
December 16, 2014
"Engineering education often places far too much emphasis on classroom lectures and examinations at the expense of project-based learning. This is unfortunate, seeing as learning to effectively apply the theory taught in class is essential to an engineering student’s education and professional development. For students who feel they are missing out on this fundamental set of skills, here are some of my strategies to gain quality, hands-on experience..."
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